Here is some good news from our brother, Ron Farnsworth:

Last Saturday and Sunday, we (Kairos prison ministry) had a two day retreat for graduates of our 4 day program. I had the wonderful opportunity to greet a number of the men who attended and visit with several of the men I’ve come to know and love.

One of the men has now been drug free for 2 years. He is so in love with Jesus- he has the opportunity to minister to men who are still in darkness. He told me last month that he loves to pray and has been praying for me.

Another brother (inmate) has joined the music ministry, he plays a guitar and a sax. He said he used to be so full of himself, he thought he was a hot shot and always carried a gun.

He is not the same man that robbed people, he has the peace and gentleness of Jesus.

God so encouraged me through visiting with these men and worshiping with them.

Thank you Ron for your faithful ministry in the prisons! This is great fruit! We rejoice with you!