My Goal with this testimony is to Glorify God and give people in need Hope.

Twenty years ago I lost my dream job of Vice President of Special Markets with Maytag Appliances. I had been with the company for twenty years and planned to retire with them. It was a great job that gave me my own division to manage; I had access to the company jets for travel, with a great salary, bonus, and stock ownership plan. I say all of this to illustrate how devastating it was to lose this job.

This began my journey to find a new way to earn a living. Over the past twenty years I have had 7 jobs all of which were 100% commission. They were very difficult, with long hours and very little pay. I also started four businesses. This was expensive as they all had start-up costs. Over the twenty years I had a few good years of earnings. But most years were very difficult causing me to drain my retirement savings account.

Kathy and I had a great deal of stress trying to live life with little money and still help our children as needed. During this difficult time we had a great deal of support from our friends who covered us with prayer and even provided some financial donations.

But God Is FAITHFUL. About six years ago I started my fourth business. The first few years continued to be very difficult. But, then we began to see some improvement. One night at a prayer meeting about three years ago a stranger came up to me and said she had a prophetic word for me about my business.

She than shared the word that was so “Right On” Kathy and I knew it was from the Lord. I shared it with my partner and he was also shocked at how accurate it was. Shortly after this the flood gates opened and we saw our sales grow dramatically. The last three years have been amazing. We have doubled our sales each year for the past three years and have become the leader in our Sales Channel. With over 6 or more competitors our Brand is by far the market share leader in the industry.

The Lord has blessed us financially to the point that we are now able to start rebuilding our savings so we can have retirement income available. It is difficult to clearly communicate what a miracle this has been for me and my family. The Lord is so faithful, and I KNOW that he can do this for those of you who are still waiting for your Miracle. Don’t give up on the Lord, he will NEVER give up on you!

Gary M