On April 7th we heard a few testimonies of God working and responding in peoples lives. I honestly couldn’t tell you about any except one from Jesse Miller. He talked about his position in used car sales and how God spoke to him about focusing on the new cars and the used cars would move. He shared about how a record was smashed.

In that same instance God was speaking to me. He told me, “That can be your promise too.”

I don’t sell cars, I actually don’t sell anything. I coach call center people on how to best handle clients and create relationships with those client. They sell a service membership and maintenance.

I responded to the spirit in doubt (as I tend to do) and we started talking. I had already set a pretty standard goal of 550 memberships for the office that was 50 each for a staff of 11. So I said “Ok, 1000 memberships then.” He said, “proclaim it, believe it, and it’s yours because I love you” He made it clear to me to tell people what His promise was to me.

I went in to work the next day, only one week into the month and told them in our office meeting that they were going to sell 1000 memberships this month. If you could hear the grown and mummers you would have thought I just told them they all had to work over time every day and on Saturdays all month long.

I believed in God’s promise as if it had already happened, I fasted, I prayed and I thanked him. I shared this promise with someone at work I pray with every morning and every morning we thank God for his promise.

Today is the last day to meet this goal and as I am writing this the office is only 6 away. I’ve said it before, we are loved beyond our capacity to comprehend. This is what that looks like.

Just after sending this to you, The 6 came in, and more. I had no doubt that it would. Just after sending this to you, The 6 came in, and more. I had no doubt that it would.