One Friday night, back in January this year, while planning a trip to California, Courtney and I experienced something profound with God, something we had never encountered before with Him (together). The only way I can describe it is: “God arrested our hearts” – He revealed an area of north county San Diego and said “would you consider moving here?” Within an hour he rocked our world! In our 13-years of marriage we had never considered moving cities, until now…

Receiving this instruction from Him was the easy part, figuring out the logistics of transitioning out of Chicago would not so easy…. I had been running a commercial real estate business with my brother for 10-years. We would have to give this business up and figure out how to divide or sell assets. Our church in Chicago was amazing and we had a beautiful community of friends and Courtney’s parents living near by… telling them and moving away, would not be easy… It would be so much easier to just do nothing but we both knew God had spoken…

Over the next few weeks as I considered the complexity of a move across the country, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night gripped with fear and anxiety. Because this kept happening I started to use these times to turn my anxiety over to Jesus and I started inviting Him into these times in prayer. Jesus showed up beautifully and He started to give me peace but I was still waking up and needed contend in prayer… I would roll over and look at the time on my bedside clock and it would read: 1:11am, another time 2:22am and another time 3:33am – so I asked God “what’s up with the times, always being sequential?”

I felt him say “I am going to take care of the timing of things”. This was a huge encouragement because we had so much to trust for and the timing was critical (and we knew the consequence of our decision would effect many lives). We had a long list of things, of miracles that needed to happen to enable us to go and so we brought our requests before Him. We partnered with God for the seemingly impossible. And sure enough, one by one, God began to do miraculous things as we stepped out in faith to join Him on the adventure of our lives.

It was about this time, that I googled “spirit filled church San Diego” and GPC popped up, I started listening to your FAITH SERIES while we were on a major faith journey. John’s powerful teachings and the testimonies of breakthru’s over this time, gave us courage to continue to press on for the miraculous.

And God did miraculous things: We sold our home in 7-hours (in a weak selling market), we found a home in San Diego at just the right time (in a very competitive market), we sold our business in Chicago to an international company and joined their office in San Diego at the right time. We left a loving church in Chicago and found another amazing, loving family in San Diego. These are just a few of the many intricate things God did to confirm His call for us to move cities.

We serve a faithful King who loves to partner with our faith to do the impossible!


Mark Nelson