We meet every Sunday at 10:00 am at

9550 Carmel Mt Rd, San Diego, CA 92129

What’s new you ask? What is God doing?

There is so much going on that we can’t even put it all on one page! Check out the links below.

Testimonies have incredible power because they carry within them the seeds of faith it took to bring them to pass. In fact, the word, “testimony” means “to do again.”  Upon hearing or reading a testimony, many times the same faith that produced the miracle the first time transfers to your heart and reproduces that same miracle in your life! View them on Youtube or read them here.

Seeing God on the move in our region – Unity always precedes revival. Jesus prayed in John chapter 17 that we would be one as He and the Father are one so that God would be glorified. This is the purpose for unity, so God can do a work that brings glory to His name. See the many links and connections on our Regional Involvement page. One Church Can Make a World of Difference; But Many Churches Together Can Make a Different World.

Lots going on as we serve together in Poway, Carmel Mtn Ranch, Rancho Bernardo and Rancho Penasquitos, Escondido and Downtown San Diego. Read more.

Seeing God on the move in GPC is often seen in the serving teams. Explore the many ways you can volunteer and join a team at GPC. See what area or areas you are interested in, contact the person listed, and they will get back to you with all of the details. If you join a team and it is not the right fit for you, feel free to try a different ministry.

At GPC we believe Jesus came not only to save, but also to heal and deliver. That is what the word “save” (gr. Sozo) means in the Bible – to heal, save, and deliver. You’ll find that Jesus used this term interchangeably when he was healing, saving or delivering someone. Read more.