Last Sunday I shared a message about the depth of friendship Jesus showed you when He went to the cross. If you haven’t heard that message, “What a Friend”, I encourage you, on this Good Friday, to listen HERE before this Sunday for two reasons:

  1. To deepen your love for Jesus. God’s love is an unconditional love, but our human love is a responsive love. Therefore, your love for God will be in direct proportion to the degree of revelation you have of His love for you. Last Sunday’s message will help you grow in your understanding of that love and draw you closer to Christ.

  2. To prepare your heart for the celebration coming this Easter Sunday! In the same way that your love for Jesus is dependent on your depth of understanding of His love for you, so the degree of your celebration will be in proportion to your understanding of what He went through to gain the victory over death, hell and the grave on your behalf!

The beauty of “Holy Week”, which we celebrate every year, is that it turns our attention away from all secondary issues and gets our hearts and minds back to the center to what Christianity is really all about – What Jesus did for us.

Also, step out and invite someone to church this Sunday.

Don’t say “no” for them by deciding in your mind that they wouldn’t come.

Statistics prove that most people will come to church if asked by a friend. Ask, and see what happens. What if they ended up coming to Christ? Wouldn’t that be worth the risk?

On this Good Friday, I pray that you will meditate on what Jesus did for you, then join us this Sunday, or whatever church you go to, and celebrate the King!

He is Risen!