What do you believe the church is known for? When unchurched, or non-Christians think about the church, what do you think they think? Maybe judgmental, what we are against, what we do not permit…? But do you know what God said He wants the reputation of His Church to be?

What does this Scripture say?

“For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7b


Do you think that is the reputation the Church has? Well, it can be.

Last June we did something for the first time called, We Pray San Diego. It was a huge success.

We had over 7000 believers, 147 churches, 160 pastors, as well as 9 mayors, the chief of police, and many other civic leaders praying on the streets in 18 different locations! It was all over the news.

This time we are going to pray for schools.

Our schools are desperate right now. The administration, principals, teachers, aides, coaches, parents, and kids all need prayer.
This is how you can participate:
• Pick a school to pray for. If you have kids, it can be the school they go to. Or any school of your choice.
• Send the name of that school to info@gatheringplacechurch.org asap.
• Go to www.wepraysandiego.com to register. (Takes 30 seconds)
• Contact the school – especially anyone in the administration, teachers, coaches, etc. that you may know, tell them what the Church is doing, and ask them how we can pray for them. (They love this!)
• Capture a few photos and maybe a 10-second video of the school and people praying and send to info@gatheringplacechurch.org

You do not have to live in San Diego to participate. Prayer works everywhere and schools need our prayers!