We all come in different shapes and sizes. God does not make “One size fits all”. He has given you a unique S.H.A.P.E. What does that stand for? Rick Warren says it this way:

Spiritual Gifts

All these together make up your shape. What spiritual gifts has Jesus given to you? (Find out here https://gatheringplacechurch.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Spiritual-Gifts-Test-.pdf)

What are your passions? Some of them will be God’s passions that He place in you.

What abilities do you have? What do you do well?

Are you and introvert or an extrovert? A thinker or feeler?

What have you gone through in life that makes you who you are?

And what are all of these for? Well, according to Jesus in Matthew chapter twenty-five in the parable of the talents, they are for investing in His kingdom.

Jesus says plainly that when He returns, He is bringing His rewards with Him. Did you know that? Check out this verse:

“I am coming quickly, and My reward is with me to give to every one according to their work.” Revelation 22:12

This is not for sin, but for service.

Every penny you give, every prayer you pray, every person you help in His name, is being recorded and will be rewarded.

Some say, “Well, all I care about is that I make it to heaven!” If that is you, I encourage you to read that parable and see what happens to those who invest their lives here on earth into His kingdom, and those who do not.

Do not be spiritually lazy. Do not get distracted. Do not be deceived. There is a reward ceremony once you meet Jesus face to face and you will be rewarded for everything you have done for Him this side of heaven. You do not want to show up empty-handed.

Live for Him! Be a blessing to others in His name. Strengthen His kingdom here on earth. Then, when you see Him you will hear,

“Well done! You have proven yourself to be my loyal and trustworthy servant. Because you have been a faithful steward to manage a small sum, now I will put you in charge of much, much more. Come celebrate with me!” Matthew 25:21