“Jesus answered, ‘My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight so that I should not be delivered to the Jews, but now My kingdom is not from here.’” John 18:36

I am voting for Jesus.

What do I mean by that?

Towards the end of the first century, when John wrote the Gospel of John, there were accusations that the goal of the Church was not spiritual, but political. There is no wonder that this was the case because the terminology used by Jesus and His followers sounded political, such as, “The kingdom of God”, and “Jesus is King”. The Roman government did not appreciate that kind of talk!

Therefore, John used the term, “The kingdom of God” much less than the other writers and instead used the term, “Eternal Life”. And, as stated in our opening Scripture, Jesus said His kingdom was, “…not of this world.”

In fact, Jesus said He AND His followers were not of this world.

“They are not of this world just as I am not of this world” John 17:16

We cannot get so caught up in this world’s political system, behaving as though it is the end all, that we lose our center, our self-control, our godly disposition. No, this world, and every earthly kingdom is temporary. Jesus’ kingdom is the only kingdom that will last forever!

However, He also said that we are to be “in it” to influence it for His purposes.

As You sent Me into the world, I have sent them into the world.” John 17:18

Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world; however, He came into this world to give it light. He has given us the same assignment.

I am deeply passionate about who leads our nation. God leads through governments. He also leads through families. He leads through churches and organizations. When God wants to bring righteousness into the earth, He raises up righteous leadership.

As most of us know, the phrase, “Separation of Church and State”, penned by Thomas Jefferson, was not that the Church could not influence government, speaking to power and to the conscience of the nation, but that the State could not influence or control the Church. In fact, when Jefferson wrote that letter, they were holding church services in the houses of Congress!

I am not only voting for Jesus; I am also voting for the Church. My vote will be for which ever candidate, whichever party, most represents the values of the kingdom of God, and that the Church will recognize who that is and vote!

Therefore, I will be watching the debates tonight to listen for the party, represented by the person, who most represents Jesus’ agenda. Which candidate is closer to values of the kingdom of God?

Clearly, both parties represented, and both candidates, have ungodly attributes. It is almost always a choice between the worst of two evils. That is because fallen humans are always the ones running for office. Therefore, as the Church, we must identify the one who’s policies most closely reflect God’s core values.

We have a part to play. We have the privilege, since we are in a Constitutional Republic, to partner with God in raising up the leader who is putting forth an agenda that is closest to the Bible.

People have used a phrase for years that I completely disagree with, “Vote your conscience”. As a follower of Jesus, we are not to vote our conscience, but His.

No matter the personalities or even the sins of the candidates (and they both have them), line up the platforms of each party and see which one is closer to the Word of God. That should be who you vote for.