GPC Women’s theme this year is Hearing God’s Voice.

MJ Mester is a beloved mentor and teacher at GPC. Join us as we gather together for fellowship, sharing, and prayer.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

God is continually speaking to us through the things we see and hear as we go about our day’s activities. But if we do not have His Word hidden in our hearts and so are not familiar with His ‘voice’, we are likely to miss the deeper spiritual meaning and significance of what He is trying to communicate to us.

We are planning a time of fellowship and spiritual growth as we look at how we can experience the reality of establishing Jesus’ “voiceprint” in our hearts. Jesus said we could hear His voice, and He wants His sheep to know and distinguish it from all other voices in the world. Come learn and grow with us!

MJ Mester will also be sharing at our next Women’s Retreat. The date and location of our next retreat has yet to be determined. Stay posted.