Hi pastor John.

Happy new year to you!!
     We have been meaning to email you about our restoration but somehow it never got done. Anyway the year ended not the way we expected or wanted. By mid December we were 11 weeks pregnant, we saw the baby for the first time(ultrasound) the next day I got into a car accident; a guy ran a red light and t-boned me, thank God my daughter wasn’t in the car with me. the car was beyond repair. Went to the ER and they told me I had multiple hematoma (blood in my uterus) and diagnosed me with threatening miscarriage. Oh I forgot to mentioned I was working as a life insurance agent, I was miserable did not like it, had to stop because the doctor put me on bed rest after the accident.
So we ended the year with no car, no job, and possible miscarriage.
It was a struggle to get my car insurance to get me a rental car, and take a decision about my car.
We decided to do intermittent fasting, (even though John couldn’t understand why and what are the rules of fasting) I personally wanted a closer connection with God, I’ve had experiences with fasting with the Lord, and I’ve seen the miracles he’s done. We’ve prayed for restoration of everything we’ve had, and still thank God for everything we have. Our faith grew within time. And now we are thriving with God.
As of today, we are 5 months pregnant with no complications got a new job as a vet assistant, which I love.
And the car insurance finally paid off my old car and was able to get a brand new car.
Wanted to let you know that God has restored us and still restoring us, especially our marriage, I took my pain out on my husband and I blamed him for moving me away from my family member to help me through everything.
But then GPC reached out and showed me that family is not only about blood.  With the help of your sermons they have brought us closer to God than we ever thought was possible.
Those are just a few of the restoration for the beginning of the year. Can’t wait to share more with you as they continue to happen.