Waitress Touched by a Word of Knowledge From the Lord

Testimony from Les Meredith
I was out of town for meetings and had an hour to have coffee with my cousin who has been on fire lately for the Lord. We go to Appleby’s and buy some hot tea and talk about how to walk a life more like Jesus. I felt impressed that the Lord wanted me to talk to our waitress and that she was not from here, but from Alabama. I asked here where she was from and she said “Texas” and had just moved here. It began to look like my own imagination was driving this encounter.

“Yes, sir, it is”
She came back later and I saw a picture of a young boy in my mind. I asked her if she had kids. She had two and they were both over 25 years old. (I wasn’t sure now that God had wanted me to talk with her. Again I thought maybe it was my imagination.) Then my cousin says she gets the feeling God just wants us to tell the waitress that we love her. The next time the waitress comes around, I told her we were a couple of Christians and sometimes we hear from the Lord about people. I believe I had a word of knowledge and I told her, “I feel like He is saying your mom is sick. Is that right?” She replied, “Yes, sir, it is.” I said, “This started about two or three years back?” Again, “Yes, sir, it did.” I continued, “I sense that you and your mom had a rough relationship when you were young, but now you’ve made up and hang out together. Is that right?” She replied, “Yes, sir, it is.” “Is your mom’s name, Ruby? I get the feeling that Ruby was a real church-goer when she was younger and prayed for you a lot, but she has fallen away from church the last few years as she has gotten sick, is that right?” “Yes, sir, it is.” I asked our waitress if we could join hands and pray for Ruby right now? I felt the Lord say Ruby’s prayers protected you growing up and God wants to heal Ruby and bring her back to church again.

So we joined hands in the middle of Appleby’s and prayed for Ruby. My cousin was in tears and the waitress was holding them back. They hugged and the waitress walked away. My cousin said, “I have never seen anything like that. Can we go do that prophetic stuff some more on other people?” Unfortunately, I had to go back to work. But God had touched two or three hearts and given the waitress a reason to call her mom. My cousin was encouraged to listen for God’s voice to speak to someone the next time on her own. She was very excited to do this for Jesus. Praise God!

[Les and Dawnette Meredith have attended Gathering Place Church, a non denominational Christian church in North County San Diego, since 2009. They serve as Connect Group Leaders and have a strong gift of faith for prayer, miracles, and healing. They also serve on the Prayer Team and at food outreaches at local churches. Read more about their ministry.]