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Due to COVID these workshops are presented on zoom.
During these uncertain days we are living in, we all benefit from support.
These workshops are sponsored by GPC and available at no cost.
See the trailers below for three of the workshops offered.

Every change in life includes a loss. When we do not process that loss,
we take the disappointment and pain into the next situation.
“Processing Loss and Pain with God.” is a free 45-minute
private zoom workshop that will equip you with a time-tested way to
process, release, and move past pain and loss. Click here and you
will receive the workshop outline and available days and times.

Have you ever felt frustrated or confused by your emotions?
Would you like some practical tips on getting value from all your emotions?
Even the unpleasant ones?
Unwrapping the Gift of Emotions” is available as either as a one-time
35 minute session or  expanded content in four 35 minute sessions.
Click here to receive the class outline and days and times available.

Do we really understand what joy is?
Can trying to be joyful be a burden at times?
Is something wrong with me when we don’t feel joy?
“Powerful Joy” is a free 45 minute private zoom workshop that teaches
you 3 fantastic ways to increase joy in your life. You will learn these and moand practice
right in the workshop. Click here and you will receive the workshop
outline and available days and times.

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We meet Sundays at 10:00 am for powerful worship, prayer and teaching.

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Gathering: 9550 Carmel Mountain Road, CA 92129
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