At  the Gathering Place Church, worship plays a major role in who we are. Worship is a central part of our life with God, and it is far more than singing praise songs on a Sunday morning.

josh hamilton

Josh Hamilton – Worship Pastor

It’s In Our DNA

We believe God has created us as musical beings. That music is a vital part of most peoples’ lives is evident everywhere you look. In every culture, in every time, music has had a central role. Have you ever wondered why we are drawn to music? Is there a deeper reason than the fact that it is enjoyable to listen to? Did you know that if you take a strand of DNA and play it through a computer that a song will play? We believe that beyond enjoying music, our spirits are designed to sing to our Creator. We are literally wired at our very core to worship God. Worship is one of the mightiest weapons of warfare God has given to his people. The Bible teaches that when we worship God, it brings his presence and causes the enemy to fall back. It breaks depression, fear and unbelief.

Simplicity, Sincerity, Sacrifice

The Gathering Place Worship band is comprised of those who have been called to minister as prophetic musicians and psalmists releasing the sound of heaven on the earth – to lead God’s people into a greater experience of his presence. The Worship band is committed to three values: simplicity, sincerity and sacrifice.

Simplicity means we aren’t there to entertain anyone or be rock stars. We play for an audience of One. He is the only one worthy of any attention and praise.
Sincerity is using our talents and gifts passionately out of an authentic and personal devotion to Jesus. It isn’t manufactured for one hour on Sunday morning, but is born out of our own lifestyle of worship seven days a week. Sunday morning is the tip of the iceberg for us.
Sacrifice is doing whatever is necessary to be skillful musicians who operate with humility towards one another. That means we work as a team – for God, not our own egos. We believe in having an attitude of love and submission towards each other. Creating a meaningful worship experience and one that is pleasing to God at GPC is a labor of love – one that each of us is dedicated to, and willing to sacrifice to achieve.

The Worshipping Church

A secularized culture, daily pressures, and living a fast-paced life can leave you starved for an encounter with the living God. As a worshipping church, the Gathering Place Church is committed to pursuing an encounter with the presence of Jesus through creative and skillful music. A poet once said that worship is like “kissing the face of God.” In some sense, worship draws you close to the heart of the Father like nothing else can. Worshipping God is quite literally “Heaven on earth.” Our church is committed to seeking more of God through worship experiences that transform our lives, shatter our doubts, calm our fears and bring us face to face with the God who loves us. For more information please contact