Worship Leader and Fusion Youth Band

What I do for GPC: I lead the youth worship team, and Sunday morning worship team.

What I Do For Fun: Play guitar, watch movies, go surfing in the summer, Build stuff for the house:), hang out with my wife and daughter.

What Makes Me Laugh: EVERYTHING. I find humor in pretty much everything… sometimes too much humor.

What Makes Me Cry: The end of the movie “Field of Dreams” when he plays catch with his Dad. Gets me every time.

In A Previous Life (before GPC): I lived in CT with my wife and led worship at our church for 3 yrs.  I grew up in MA, and was always involved with some form of worship ministry at my church.

Best Advice I Ever Received: “You guys should move to San Diego, you don’t have any kids yet.”  And now we have a kid. 🙂

Things I Care About: God, my wife, my daughter Selah, family, church family, and way too much to mention.

Family Matters: Met my beautiful wife Darylee in 2005, got married in 2006. Had our first child August 2012, our adorable little girl Selah.

My Secret Talent: I don’t think I have one.

My favorite Cartoon Character and Why: Sponge Bob because he’s hilarious!

Grew Up Where: Lived in Dracut and Lowell, MA all of my life, then moved to CT when I met Darylee.