So many of us worry about the salvation of our kids. But did you know that God not only has promises about saving your children, but even your children’s children?

Look at Psalm 103:17
“But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear him. His salvation extends to the children’s children.”

We cannot control what our children believe. We can do our best to influence them, and model the Christian life before them, but every person has free-will. However, we can claim the promises of God over their lives and pray not only for our children, but our children’s children!

The fact that God put that promise (and many others like it) in the Bible tells us that He knows what we are thinking about. That we care deeply about our children’s salvation, and our grandchildren’s. But it also shows that He cares too. If fact, He cares more than we do. Think about that. That should give you hope!

Franklin Graham comes to mind. His dad, the famous Billy Graham, traveled the world preaching the gospel and leading millions of people to Jesus. However, his own son, Franklin, was a rebel. He was the prodigal. But he eventually came “home” and look at him now.

I know not every story ends like that, but many of them do. And I guarantee you Billy, and certainly Franklin’s mom, Ruth, prayed for him!

I believe this is a prophetic word of encouragement for someone today. As I prayed about what to share this morning, Psalm 103 came into my mind. As I read the psalm, the above Scripture is what was highlighted to me by the Holy Spirit.

BELIEVE it! Do not live in fear, doubt, or worry over you children’s salvation – or your children’s children. Replace your fear with faith and take this Scripture to God in prayer. Pray over each of your children by name and quote this Scripture. Then do it over your grandchildren, whether they have been born yet or not.

A final word: If you feel guilty for not being the best example to your children, and feel responsible for where they are right now, stop it. Just take it to God and release it! Every person is accountable to God for themselves.

Billy shared the remorse he had for traveling so much when his kids were young. He said he would do it differently if he had it to do over again. But it still worked out. God is good!

However, perfect parenting is not a fail-safe plan either. Do not put that pressure on yourself or allow pride to sneak in if you think your kids are following Jesus because you have done things better than the family down the street. Kids from great families go astray too. Just look at Adam and Eve.

That is why we all need the promises of God!

Do you best to raise your kids in the faith. Pray for them fervently according to the promises of God. Then leave them in Jesus’ hands. HE is their Savior, not you.