I hear a lot of people say that they do not read the Bible very much. They are just uninterested, or do not know where to start, or find it boring.

But did you know that the Word of God is THE most powerful weapon you have against the enemy’s attacks?

Let me back up a second… did you know that you have an enemy, and that he is not going to leave you alone. He is real, and he hates you, and he literally plans for your demise.

So often when Jesus would heal someone, He would first cast out the “spirit of infirmity”. This is the enemy sending spirits of sickness and disease to people.

There is one account in the Bible (Matthew chapter 17) where Jesus’ disciples could not heal a man’s son, but when Jesus came on the scene, He cast out the spirit first. Matthew simply described the boy as having Epilepsy.

How often do we diagnose a person who is suffering from mental, emotional, or physical issues and do not consider the spiritual side of things? I am afraid we do it most of the time, especially in North America. We see the material world as primary, and the unseen world as secondary, or as just fantasy. But it is the opposite. The spiritual world was here first.

Jesus knows this which is why He taught us about it all the time. But most importantly, when Satan, the leaders of the dark side of the unseen realm, attacked Jesus, Jesus knew exactly how to defeat him – with the Word of God!

If you read Matthew chapter 4 you will see that in each of Satan’s three attacks Jesus simply said, “It is written” then quoted Scriptures that Moses wrote, and it caused Satan to leave! (Some say the Bible was just written by man, but what is going on in this account? If the Bible is not inspired by the Holy Spirit why would Jesus use it as a weapon against Satan, and why would it cause Satan to back off?)

Paul tells us clearly what the Word of God is as it relates to spiritual warfare:

…and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” Ephesians 6:17

The Word of God is your sword! It is your primary offensive weapon in spiritual warfare!

Not knowing and using the Word of God in your life would be exactly like a solider running into a firefight without his or her gun. Good luck with that!

In closing I want to tell you that I know the Bible can be boring. I used to have the hardest time reading it without falling asleep. But one day I told the Lord that I just was not excited about Him and His kingdom anymore. I did not want to pray, go to church, or read the Bible. How did He respond?
He told me to read the Bible one solid hour every day for seven days. I wondered if He heard what I said. That seemed like the exact opposite of what He should have said to me. But, I obeyed, and guess what? By the seventh day I could not wait to get into the Word!

I asked Him why that change took place. He then said,

The Word is the wood. The Spirit is the wind. And the flame is revelation. You want heat but you are not putting any wood in the fire. Nothing for the Spirit to breathe on.”

Wow! That changed my Word life forever. I have loved reading the Bible ever since. It is the wood for your spiritual fire, and it is the sword for your spiritual battles.

Get into the Word!

Q. Do you read the Word every day? Why or why not?
Q. What can you do to increase the amount of time you spend in the Bible each day?